Research Profile for Kondarides Dimitris

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Kondarides D.
Chemical Engineering
Research Activity
Research interests and activities are focused in the fields of Heterogeneous Catalysis and Photocatalysis and, in particular, materials synthesis and characterization, catalyst development and evaluation, and investigation of reaction kinetics and mechanisms.

In the field of Heterogeneous Catalysis, current research activities are focused on:
- Development of water-gas shift (WGS) catalysts for fuel cell applications
- Development of selective methanation catalysts for the removal of CO contained in reformate gas streams for fuel cell applications.

Primary goals in the field of Photocatalysis are:
- Photocatalytic processes for the production of hydrogen from water cleavage,
- Photocatalytic treatment of wastewater streams containing non-biodegradable organic compounds.
Research Infrastructure
Dimitris I. Kondarides, Assistant Professor
2 Post-Docs, 2 PhD candidates
Research Activities
Recent research projects
“Development of photocatalytic and photoelectrochemical cells for the production of hydrogen by cleavage of water with the use of solar energy”, PENED 03ED607, GSRT, Greece.

Recent publications:
“Effects of morphological characteristics of TiO2-supported noble metal catalysts on their activity for the water-gas shift reaction”, P. Panagiotopoulou and D.I. Kondarides, J. Catal. 225 (2004) 327-336.

“Enhancement of photoinduced hydrogen production from irradiated Pt/TiO2 suspensions with simultaneous degradation of diluted az0-dyes”, A. Patsoura, D.I. Kondarides and X.E. Verykios, Appl. Catal. B 64 (2006) 171-179.
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