Research Profile for Deligianni Despina

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Athanassiou G.
Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineering
Research Activity
a. Cellular engineering: Research of mechanical and rheological properties of red, white blood cell, platelet and osteoblast.
b. Clinical hemorheology.
a. Research of musculoskeletal disorders
Research Infrastructure
George Athanassiou, Ass. Professor
Antonia Moutzouri, PhD student
Konstantinos Agelakoudis, PhD student
Despina Deligianni, Ass. Professor
Petros Koutsoukos, Professor
Research Activities
G. Athanassiou et al “Effect of hydroxyurea on the deformability of the red blood cell membrane in patients with sickle cell anemia” Clin.Hemorheol.and Microc. 35 (2006) 291-295.
G. Athanassiou et al. “Adhesion strength of individual human bone marrow cells to fibronectin. Integrin β1 –mediated adhesion” Joyrnal of materials science: materials in medicin 12 (2001) 965-970. (Προγραμμα “Καραθεοδωρής”)
Additional Information
FP7 research themes for potential involvement:
Cell mechanics