Research Profile for Koutmos Panagiotis,

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Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics (LAT)
Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics
Research Activity
Thermofluids, Turbulence, Combustion, Aerodynamics and multiphase.
Research activities lie in the field of thermofluids, turbulence, combustion, aerodynamics and multiphase flow with applications in energy, environment, aeronautics and biotechnology.
Experimental Facilities
Wind Tunnels, Combustion Rigs, Water Tank etc.
Multi-sensor HWA, LDA, PDA, PIV, Pressure, Temperature, Concentration and Species measurements
Numerical Capabilities
In house developed and commercial CFD codes, Turbulence Modelling (conventional, URANS & LES), Combustion Modelling
Research Infrastructure
Panayiotis Koutmos, Associate Professor, Head of the Lab
Thrassos Panidis, Assistant Professor
Kostas Perrakis, Lecturer
12 PhDs
1 Post Doc
Research Activities
Low Emission Combustor Technology, LOWNOX II & III (Brite-Euram-Aero 1992-2000)
Wake Vortex Characterization and Control, C-Wake (EC AERONAUTICS 2000-2003)
Environmentally Compatible Air Transport System, ECATS, (NoE FP6 AERONAUTICS 2005-2009)
Koutmos P, Marazioti P , 2001, Identification of local extinction topology in axisymmetric bluff-body diffusion flames with a reactedness-mixture fraction presumed probability density function model, INT J NUMER METH FL 35 (8): 939-959
Panidis Th., and Papailiou D. D., 2000, The structure of two-phase grid turbulence in a rectangular channel: An experimental study, Int. J. Multiphase Flow, Vol. 26 (8), pp. 1369-1400.
Koutmos P, Mavridis C, 2000, A study of partial extinction and reignition effects in turbulent non-premixed jet flames of CH4 and CO/H-2/N-2 with a two-scalar reactedness-mixture fraction presumed PDF model, COMBUST SCI TECHNOL 154: 31-55
Giannadakis, A., Romeos, A., Vouros, A., Perrakis, K. & Panidis, Th., 2004, Experimental Investigation of Confined Coaxial Swirl Flow, Joint Meeting of the Greek and Italian Sections of The Combustion Institute, P24, pp 1-6
Additional Information
FP7 research themes for potential involvement:
Transport (including Aeronautics), Energy, Environment (including Climate Change), Biotechnology