Research Profile for Kornaros Michael

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Laboratory of Biochmemical Engineering and Environmental Technology
Chemical Engineering
Research Activity
Biochemical engineering and Environmental Technologies.
Biological Nutrient removal.
Fate and impact of Xenobiotics.
Biotechnological production of hydrogen and methane.
Research Infrastructure
Professor Gerasimos Lyberatos
Lecturer Michael Kornaros
4 postdocs
12 graduate students
Research Activities
Recent research projects and publications (1-2)
1. Integrated Biological Treatment and Agricultural Reuse of Olive mill Effluents with the Concurrent Recovery of Energy Sources (BIOTROLL), EU Quality of Life programme
2. “Ecotoxicological Assessments and Removal Technologies for Pharmaceuticals in Wastewaters” (REMPHARMAWATER), EU Environment and Sustainable Development programme
3. Bioprocessing of Sewage Sludge for Safe Recycling on Agricultural Land (BIOWASTE), EU Quality of Life programme
4. Innovation in the Process of Cork Production for Elimination of Odours Responsible for Cork Taint (INNOCUOUS), EU Quality of Life programme
5. “Production of Hydrogen and Methane from Sweet Sorghum” GSRT PENNED programme
Publications: (at the University of Patras)
1. Aggelis G., Ehaliotis C., Nerud F., Stoychef I., Lyberatos G., Zervakis G.I., “Evaluation of white-rot fungi for detoxification and decolorization of effluents from the green olive debittering process”, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 59, 353-360, (2002)
2. Aggelis G., Gavala H.N. and Lyberatos G., “Combined and separate aerobic and anaerobic biotreatment of green olive debittering wastewater”, Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research, 80, 3, 283-292, (2001)
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4. Chynoweth,D.P., Svoronos S.A., Lyberatos G., Harmon J.L., Pullammanappallil P., Owens J.M. amd Peck M., "Real-time Expert System Control of Anaerobic Digestion", Water Science and Technology, 30, pp21-29,(1994)
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7. Dokianakis S.N. , Kornaros M. and G. Lyberatos, “Impact of five selected xenobiotics on isolated ammonium oxidizers and on nitrifying activated sludge”, Environmental Toxicology, accepted (2006)
8. Dokianakis S.N., Kornaros M. and G. Lyberatos, Effect of wall growth on the kinetic modelling of nitrite oxidation in a CSTR, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 93 (4), pp. 718-726 (2006)
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12. Fountoulakis M.S., Dokianakis S.N., Kornaros M.E., Aggelis G.G. and Lyberatos G. “Removal of phenolics in olive mill wastewaters using the white rot fungus Pleurotus Ostreatus”, Water Research, 36 (19), 4735-4744, (2002)
13. Fountoulakis M., Drillia P., Pakou C., Kampioti A, Stamatelatou K. and Lyberatos G., “Analysis of Nonylphenol and Nonylphenol Ethoxylates in sewage sludge by HPLC following Microwave-Assisted Extraction”, Journal of Chromatography A, V.1089, Issues 1-2, Pages 45-51,(2005)
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