Research Profile for Hatzipanagiotou Konstantinos

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Pure and Applied Research of Minerals and Rocks
Department of Geology
Research Activity
1. Industrial rocks and minerals
2. Development of quarries of industrial minerals and aggregates and environmental impacts
3. Study of asbestos in aggregates
4. Applications of Mineralogy and Petrology to Archaeometry (e.g. provenance of ancient stone implements and shipwreck ballasts, restoration of stone monuments)

Research Infrastructure
Professor Dr. Konstantinos Hatzipanagiotou
Assistant Professor Dr. Basilios Tsikouras
One Post-Doc (Dr. Sofia Karipi) and six PhD Students are members of the team
Polarized microscopes, Scanning Electron Microscope, Cathodoluminescent microscope, X-ray diffractometer, Laboratory Apparatus for physicomechanical properties of stones.
Research Activities
“Correlation of mineralogical, petrographic and physicomechanical properties of carbonate rocks fron Aetoloakarnania prefecture and their evaluation for industrial uses”

“Geological and mineral-petrographic study of dioritic-granodioritic rocks from east Crete, aiming to the Investigation of provenance of stone Implements and tempers in ceramics of Minoan Age from the area of Mirabello Bay”

“Evaluation of mafic and ultramafic ophiolitic rocks from Greece for their uses as ornamental stones, antiskid aggregates and fire-resistant materials”

“Exploration of PGE (Cu-Ni) and mineral processing in the ophiolitic rocks of Greece, with emphasis on chromites”

“Petrographic characterization of rocks pointing to the investigation of provenance of Minoan stone implements excavated from the area of Mirabello Bay (NE Crete)”

“Mineralogical and petrographic observation and provenance of stones from a shipwreck ballast from Zakynthos”
Grammatikopoulos, T.A., Kapsiotis A, Zaccarini, F., Tsikouras, B. and Hatzipanagiotou, K. and Garuti, G. (2007). Investigation of platinum-group minerals (PGM) in concentrates from Pindos chromitites (Greece) using new technology. Minerals Engineering, 20, 1170-1178

Pomonis P., Rigopoulos I., Tsikouras B., and Hatzipanagiotou K. (2007): Relationships between petrographic and physicomechanical properties of basic igneous rocks from the Pindos ophiolitic complex, NW Greece. Bulletin Geological Society of Greece, 40, 947-958.

Rigopoulos I., Pomonis P., Tsikouras B., and Hatzipanagiotou K. (2007): Comparative Evaluation of Dolerites from the Pindos and Vourinos Ophiolitic Rocks for their Use as Aggregates Resource.-Tech. Chron. Sci. J. TCG I, 3, 49-61.

Tsikouras, B., Mihopoulos, K., Hatzipanagiotou, K. and Ninis, N. (2007): Correlations of mineralogy and physical properties from stones used for the restoration of ancient monuments in the Epidavros archaeological site.-Bulletin de Correspondance Hellénique, 51, Paris, Athens.
St. Mary’s University, Canada; Institute for the Aegean Prehistory, Committee of submarine antiquities, NCSR Demokritos; I.G.M.E.
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