Research Profile for Nikoletseas Sotirios

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Sensor Networks Research Group
Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics
Research Activity
algorithms, complexity, probabilistic techniques, random graphs, average case analysis, distributed computing, sensor networks, ad-hoc mobile networks, algorithmic engineering
My current research interests include algorithmic aspects of wireless sensor networks and ad-hoc mobile computing, fundamental aspects of modern networking (focus on efficiency and reliability), probabilistic techniques and random graphs, average case analysis and probabilistic algorithms, computational complexity and approximation algorithms, algorithmic engineering and large scale simulation.

Research Infrastructure
My PhD students Athanassios Kinalis, Georgios Mylonas and Dimitra Patroumpa as well as several undergraduate students participate in the Research Group. Also, we cooperate with Prof. Paul Spirakis and Dr. Ioannis Chatzigiannakis.
We have several sensors of various types, sensor programming boards, mobile robots, sensor network test-beds, lightweight operating systems, simulation environments, as well as several algorithms implemented in software.
Research Activities
- ALGO.D.E.S.: "Algorithms for Smart Dust Networks", Programme PENED of the Greek Ministry of Development/General Secretariat of Research and Technology.

- AEOLUS: Integrated Project (IP) on "Algorithmic Principles for Building Efficient Overlay Computers", EU/IST/Global Computing.

- PROSENSE: "Promote, Mobilize, Reinforce and Integrate Wireless Sensor Networking Research and Researchers: Towards Pervasive Networking of WBC and the EU", EU/Seventh Framework Programme/Cooperation/Support Action in the REGPOT-2007-3-01.

- FRONTS: «Foundations of Adaptive Networked Societies of Tiny Artefacts», EU/IST/FET/Pervasive Adaptation.

- C. Efthymiou, S. Nikoletseas and J. Rolim, "Energy Balanced Data Propagation in Wireless Sensor Networks", in the Wireless Networks (WINET) Journal, 2006.
- A. Bamis, A. Boukerche, I. Chatzigiannakis and S. Nikoletseas, "A mobility aware protocol synthesis for efficient routing in ad hoc mobile networks", in the Computer Networks Journal, Volume 52, pp. 130-154, 2008.
- I. Chatzigiannakis, T. Dimitriou, S. Nikoletseas, and P. Spirakis, "A Probabilistic Algorithm for Efficient and Robust Data Propagation in Smart Dust Networks", in the Ad-Hoc Networks Journal, Elsevier, 4 (5): 621-635 (2006).
- S. Nikoletseas, C. Raptopoulos, and P. Spirakis, "The Existence and Efficient Construction of Large Independent Sets in General Random Intersection Graphs", in the Theoretical Computer Science (TCS), accepted, to appear in 2008.
- I. Chatzigiannakis, A. Kinalis and S. Nikoletseas, “Fault-tolerant and Efficient Data Propagation in Wireless Sensor Networks using Local, Additional Network Information», in the Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (JPDC), 67: pp. 456-473, 2007.
- I. Chatzigiannakis, G. Mylonas and S. Nikoletseas, “The Design of an Environment for Monitoring and Controlling Remote Sensor Networks” in the International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (IJDSN), Taylor and Francis, accepted, to appear in 2008.
We maintain several cooperations, including the Universities of Geneva, Ottawa, Southern California, Rome, Barcelona, as well as Industry (Ericsson Ireland, Telecom Italia, Siemens etc).
Additional Information
We closely cooperate with the SensorsLab of Research Unit 1 at the Research Academic Computer Technology Institute(