Research Profile for Mavrilas Dimosthenis

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Laboratory of Biomechanics & Biomedical Technology
Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Research Activity
Biomaterials, Biomechanics, Artificial organs, Soft Tissues, Calcification, Blood circulation.
Biomechanics of soft tissues, Biocompatibility of new biomaterials, Design of new biomaterials-Artificial organs.
Research Infrastructure
Y.F. Missirlis, Professor/Lab. Director
G. Athanassiou, Assist. Professor
D. Deligianni, Assist. Professor
D. Mavrilas, Assist. Professor
G. Michanetzis, PhD., Ressearch Assist.
Mechanical testers for biomaterials.
Micropipette tension of cell membrane.
Calcification of Biomaterials in-vitro (cooperation with Dpt. Chem. Engineer.)
AFM, Confocal microscopy
Cell culture lab.
Research Activities
1. «Resorbable continuous fibber reinforced polymers for osteosynthesis» (1993 - 1996) ) “Brite/Euram” (EC).
2. «New techniques of fixation of bioprosthetic heart valves. Correlation with calcification» (1995 - 1996) (Project leader) “Bilateral co-operation between Greek – Romania” (GSRT).
3. «Calcification of bioprosthetic implants in vivo and in vitro. Mechanisms of initiation, enhancement and elimination and protection» (1996-1998) (Project leader) “PENED 95” (GSRT).
4. “Study of structure – mechanical function relation of soft tissues. Correlation with calcification mechanisms” (2000 – 2003) (Project leader) “K. Karatheodoris” (Un. Patras, Res. Comitee).
5. “Study of the role of mechanical stress in calcification of biological heart valves”. (2004-2005) (Project leader) “Bilateral co-operation between Greek – Germany” (ΙΚΥ).
6. COST 537 (2005). (EC)
7. “Study of structural changes of natural derived biomaterials. Correlation with its mechanical performance-biocompatibility”(2006 – 2009) (Project leader) “K. Karatheodoris” (Un. Patras, Res. Comitee).
Since 2002
1. D. Mikroulis, D. Mavrilas, J. Kapolos, P.G. Koutsoukos and C. Lolas. “Physicochemical and Microscopical study of Calcific Deposits from Natural and Bioprosthetic heart Valves. Comparison and implications for Mineralization mechanism”. J Mater Sci: Mater Med 13, 885-889 (2002).
2. Y.F. Missirlis, D. Mavrilas and G. Athanasiou. “Cardiovascular Mechanics: Investigation of Two Components, Tissue Heart Valves and Blood Cells”. (Meccanica, 37, 465-476, (2002).
3. D. Mavrilas, T. Tsapikouni, D. Mikroulis, G. Bitzikas, V. Didilis, K. Tsakiridis, F. Konstantinou and G. Bougioukas. “Dynamic mechanical properties of arterial and venous grafts used in coronary bypass surgery. J. of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology, 2 (3&4), 329-337, (2002).
4. D. Mavrilas, J. Kapolos, PG. Koutsoukos and D.Dougenis. “Screening biomaterials with a new in vitro method for potential calcification: Porcine aortic valves and bovine pericardium”. (J Mater Sci: Mater Med, 15, 699-704 (2004).
5. D. Mavrilas, E. A. Sinouris, D. H. Vynios and N. Papageorgakopoulou. “Dynamic Mechanical Characteristics of Intact and Structurally Modified Bovine Pericardial Tissues”. J Biomechanics, 38, 761-768 (2005).
6. M. krings, D. Kanellopoulou, D. Mavrilas and B. Glasmacher: “Modified pH controlled in vitro dynamic accelerated calcification testing of heart valve bioprostheses”. Biomediziniche Technik, 50 (S1, part1), 330-331, (2005).
7. E. Papadeas, S. Naxakis, M. Doschoris, D. Mavrilas, P. Goumas “Diagnosis of Ménière’s Disease using Low-Frequency Masking” Mediterr J Otol, 2(1). 20-27 (2006).
8. M. Itskov, A. E. Ehret, and D. Mavrilas. “A polyconvex anisotropic strain energy function for soft biological tissues” Biomech Model Mechanbiol, 5, 17-26 (2006).
9. D.. Mavrilas, P.G. Koutsoukos, E.N. Koletsis, E. Apostolakis, D. Dougenis. “In-vitro evaluation for potential calcification of biomaterials used for staple line reinforcement in lung surgery “ Experimental Biology & Medicine, 231, 1712-1717 (2006).
10. M. krings, D. Kanellopoulou, D. Mavrilas and B. Glasmacher: “in vitro pH-controlled calcification of biological heart valve prostheses” Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, 37(6), 432-435 (2006).
11. M. Tyllianakis, D. Deligianni, A. Panagopoulos, M. Pappas, E. Sourgiadaki, D. Mavrilas, A. Papadopoulos: “Biomechanical comparison of callus over a locked intramedullary nail in various segmental bone defects in a sheep model” Med. Sci. Monit. 2007; 13(5); BR125-130 (2007).
12. P.Korovessis, D. Deligianni, D. Mavrilas, G.Petsinis: ”Inherent stiffness of three different posterior transpedicular fixation instrumentation. A mechanical comparative study”.Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol 17 (6), pp. 553-560 (2007).
1. RWTH Aachen, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (DE.
2. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universitat Hannover, Institute of Multiphase Procceses (DE.
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