Research Profile for Makris Christos

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Data Structuring Applications to Information Handling
Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics
Research Activity
Data Structures, Information Retrieval, Storage Techniques for Massive Data Sets, String Algorithmics, Bioinformatics, Data Mining, Internet Technologies
His research activity focuses in the development of efficient and practical data structures for problems appearing in the research areas of Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Web Technologies, string handling (with emphasis to Bioinformatics), and Computational Geometry.
In particular his research work engages with the following problems:
• Efficient handling of indexing operations in text and multimedia files.
• Design of efficient data structures for handling the indexing problem for one-dimensional and multidimensional data, both in main and secondary memory.
• Design of algorithms and data structures for searching and filtering XML information.
• Time and space efficient handling of problems dealing with approximate string searching.
• Application of data mining techniques for understanding and evaluating program source code.
• Effective processing of spatiotemporal queries with applications to Geographical Information Systems, Computer Aided Design, Robotics, Multimedia and Medical Imaging.
• (i) Efficient discovery of association rules, for “important” itemsets, where the notion of “importance” is user defined, (ii) embedding techniques of information retrieval and in particular novel metrics and representation techniques when discovering association rules, (iii) discovering frequent itemsets,
• (i) Techniques for web site personalization, according to the specific needs of individual users, (ii) Development and theoretical justification of algorithms for web site restructuring in order to improve its accessibility.
Research Infrastructure
Dimitris Antoniou, Phd candidate
Pangiotis Antonelis, Phd candidate
Yannis Kanellopoulos, Phd candidate
Nikolaos Tsirakis, Phd candidate
Research Activities
STING: Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Progress in Europe, Through Patents (of RACTI), (01/01/01-31/10/02)

IST-STATOBJECT: Object Oriented Approach to Official Statistics of University of Patras, (01/06/02-30/11/02)

Software Quality Assessment using the ISO/IEC-9126 Software Quality Standard, P.E.P. of Western Greece, 2007-...
Brodal G.S., Lagogiannis G., Makris C., Tsakalidis A., Tsichlas K., Optimal Finger Search Trees in the Pointer Machine, Journal of Computer and System Sciences, Special Issue devoted to STOC 2002, 67(2003), 381-418.

Kouris, I.N., Makris C., Tsakalidis A., Using Information Retrieval Techniques for supporting Data Mining, Data and Knowledge Engineering 52(3): 353-383 (2005)

Delis V., Makris C., Sioutas S., A Provably Efficient Computational Model for Approximate Spatiotemporal Retrieval, Journal of Universal Computer Science, 11(6): 830-849 (2005)

Iliopoulos C., Makris C., Panagis J., Perdikuri K., Theodoridis E., Tsakalidis A., The Weighted Suffix Tree: An Efficient Data Structure for Handling Molecular Weighted Sequences and its Applications, Fundamenta Informaticae, 71(2-3):259-277 (2006).

Makris C., Panagis Y., Sakkopoulos E., Tsakalidis A., Efficient and adaptive discovery techniques of Web Services handling large data sets, Journal of Systems and Software, 79(4): 480-495 (2006)

Makris C., Panagis Y., Sakkopoulos E., Tsakalidis A., Category Ranking for Personalized Search, Data and Knowledge Engineering, 60(1), 2007

Y. Kanellopoulos, C. Makris and C. Tjortjis, An improved methodology on information distillation by mining program source code, Data and Knowledge Engineering, 61(2), 359-383, 2007.

P. Antonellis, C. Makris, XFIS: An XML Filtering System based on String Representation Matching, International Journal of Web Engineering and Technology (IJWET), Int. J. Web Eng. Technol. 4(1): 70-94 (2008)
The University of Manchester, School of Computer Science
Kings College, London
Research Academic Computer Technology Institute
Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens
Software Improvement Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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