Research Profile for Vlachos Kyriakos

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Photonics and Networking Research Laboratory
Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics
Research Activity
photonic networks, optical technolgoy, WDM systems, optical switching, optical burst/packet switching, optical grids.
We are working on some of the the most challenging problems in photonic networks and realted optical technologies.
Our current focus is on the next generation of optical networks switches, for both circuit- and packet-switched optical networks, as well as on novel protocols that will provide efficient communication at the projected multiTerabit speeds. In particular, we are working on QoS routing and Signalling Protocols, Optical Burst/Packet Switching, Optical GRIDS, advance Modulation formats /transmission experiments and Passive optical networks.
The group has strong cooperation with other research centers, universities, industrial partners and important scientists worldwide.
Research Infrastructure
Mr. Kostas Ramantas
Mr. Nikos Korkakakis
Mr. Demetris Monoyios
Mr. Stavros Stefanatos
The laboratory is equipped with all 10Gb/s Test & Measurements equipment including 10G Bit-Error-Rate testers, rf signal generators, high speed FPGAs, optical/electrical spectrum analyzer, tunable and high speed lasers, PMD/CD analyzers, C-band WDM lasers, etc.
We have built a WDM test-bed at C-band for transmission loop experiments and a high speed optical burst switching edge router for grid and traffic aggregation applications.
Research Activities
QoS routing and Signalling Protocols
Optical Burst/Packet Switching
Optical GRIDS
Advance Modulation formats and transmission experiments
Broadband Access Networks
Additional Information