Research Profile for Koukis Georgios (Emeritus Professor)

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Laboratory of Engineering Geology
Department of Geology, Laboratory of Engineering Geology
Research Activity
Landslides, slope stability, monuments restoration and preservation, seismic microzonation, rock mechanical properties,soil mechanical properties, natural hazards and environmental consequences, engineering geological mapping,technical works construction.
-Physical and mechanical properties of soils and rocks. Engineering geological-geotechnical investigations for technical works construction (roads, embankments, slopes, tunnels, bridges etc).
- Mapping, monitoring, remedial measures design, environmental consequences and risk assessment of landslide phenomena
-Seismic microzonation and ground zoning against seismic hazard
- Ground suitability for land use and housing. Monuments restoration and preservation of national heritage.
Research Infrastructure
N. Sabatakakis Assoc. Professor
A. Lamabropoulou MSc Geologist
D. Soldatou Secretary
S. Koulouris Postgraduate student
S. Lainas Postgraduatye student
S. Ktena Postgraduate student
I. Blaxopoulos Postgraduate student
The Laboratory of Engineering Geology was founded in 1988. It is one of the four Labs in the Division of Applied Geology and Geophysics in Department of Geology. The Laboratory deals with engineering geology and geotechnics, in relation to various engineering works, catastrophic geological phenomena (landslides, earthquakes, subsidence and erosion problems), landslide monitoring, quality assessment of soils and aggregate materials, remote sensing and GIS in applied geology, planning of landfills, disposal of solid and liquid wastes in the geological environment, geophysics, seismology. It has highly experienced staff, fully equipped labs for laboratory testing of all types of geological formations (soil mechanics and rock mechanics), a well organised library along with a full database of landslide records, engineering geological – hydrogeological maps and groundwater data for the Greek territory, especially Western Greece.

Research Activities
1. Physical and mechanical parameters of geological formations in the frame of technical works construction” (2006) University of Patras
2. “Ground zoning of Karya village according to the suitability for housing” (2005) Prefecture of Achaia
3. “Ground zoning of Sami town according to the suitability for housing” (2005) Prefecture of Kefallinia
4. “Geotechnical investigation for slope stability problems of Kyparissia castle” (2005) Ministry of Environment Physical Planning and Public Works
5. “Evaluation and classification of critical parameters of soils according to their polluting susceptibility for wastes disposal” (2005) Ministry of Health and Public Care
6. “Construction of dams for surface water management in Achaia Prefecture” (2007). Region of Western Greece
7. “Engineering geological mapping of Athens basin” (2007). Prefecture of Athens.
8. " Geological and geotechnical investigations in fired damaged areas of Helia Municipality.Landslide phenomena recognition and remedial measures design.Region od Western Greece (2007-2008)
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137. DEPOUNTIS, N., KOYKIS, G., SABATAKAKIS, N. (2008): «Environmental problems associated with the development and operation of a lined and unlined landfill site. A case study demonstrating two landfill sites in Patras, Greece». Environmental Geology
138. SABATAKAKIS, N., KOUKIS, G., TSIAMBAOS, G., PAPANAKLI, S. (2008): «Index properties and strength variation controlled by microstructure for sedimentary rocks». Engineering Geology, doi: 10.1016/j.enggeo.2007.12.004.
1)Institute of Geological and Mineral Exploration of GREECE (IGME)
2) School of Civil Engineering, Section of Geotechnics, National of Technical University of Athens
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