Research Profile for Mitsacos Adamantia

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Mitsacos Adamantia
Department of Medicine
Research Activity
Neurotransmitter systems in the developing and degenerating brain and retina.
Plasticity of neurotransmitter receptor systems.
Cell transplantation in Parkinson’s disease.
Research Infrastructure
Adamantia Mitsacos (Associate professor, Medical School)
Elias Kouvelas (Professor emeritus, Medical School)
Panagiotis Giompres (Associate Professor, Dept. of Biology)
4 PhD students
Research Activities
Stem cell transplantation in the striatum of the 6-OHDA mouse.
Effects of visual deprivation on NMDA and AMPA receptors of retina and visual cortex.
Armata I., Giompres P., Smith A., Stasi K., Kouvelas E.D., Mitsacos A. Genetically-induced retinal degeneration leads to changes in metabotropic glutamate receptor expression. Neurosci Lett. 2006 Jan 23;393(1):12-7.
Fragioudaki K, Kouvelas ED, Cristiani R, Giompres P, Bagnoli P, Mitsacos A. Expression of amino acid receptors and neural peptides in the weaver mouse brain. Brain Res. 2007, 1140:132-52.
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