Research Profile for Kaleris Vassilios

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Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
Department of Civil Engineering
Research Activity
Interaction between surface water and groundwater
Density driven flow in coastal aquifers
Soil vapor extraction (removal of VOC's)
Coupled flow in groundwater and boreholes
Rainfall-Runoff modeling
Impact of climate change on river basin hydrology
Soil-plant-atmosphere interaction
Research Infrastructure
Vassilios K. Kaleris, Professor
Alexandros I. Ziogas, Graduate Student (Ph.D)
Research Activities
- Groundwater samplers for water wells
- Soil vapor extraction for remediation of soils contaminated by volatile organic compounds
- Thermally enchanced soil vapor extraction (steam injection) for the remediation of contaminated soils
- Submarine groundwater fluxes and transport processes from methan-rich coastal sedimentary environments
- Development of an observation network for groundwater level monitoring
- Impact of climate change on river basin hydrology under different climatic conditions
- Application of a soil-plant-atmosphere model to estimate the soilwater budget
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- Kaleris, V., 2002: Influence of rate-limited sorption on the cleanup of layered soils by vapour extraction. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, vol. 55, pp. 1-27.
- Kaleris, V., D. Papanastasopoulos and G. Lagas, 2001: Case study on impact of atmospheric circulation changes on river basin hydrology: uncertainty aspects. Journal of Hydrology, vol. 245/1-4, pp. 137-152.
- Kaleris, V. and J. Croise, 1999: Estimation of cleanup time in layered soils by vapor extraction. Journal of
Contaminant Hydrology, vol. 36, 105-129.
- Kaleris, V., 1998: Quantifying the exchange rate between groundwater and small streams, Journal of Hydraulic Research, 36(6), 913-932.
- Kaleris, V. Hadjitheodorou, C. and A.C. Demetracopoulos, 1995: Numerical simulation of field methods for estimating hydraulic conductivity and concentration profiles. Journal of Hydrology, 171, pp. 319-353.
Institute for Hydraulic Engineering, University of Stuttgat, Germany
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