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Crystal Growth and Solid/Water Interfaces
Department of Chemical Engineering
Research Activity
Geothermal Energy, corrosion and scaling, stone deterioration, biological mineralization/demineralization
Scale formation. Corrosion and Scaling in Geothermal Systems. Scale Formation and Prevention in Industrial Processes. Fouling in Aquatic Systems. Physicochemical processes in natural waters. Phosphorus Recovery from Wastewater. Fundamental Scientific Aspects for the Development of Protection and Restoration Methods of for Historic monuments. Biological calcification.Mineralization. Preparation of catalyst supports by precipitation, co-precipitation and sol-gel methods. Purification of Crystals by Melt Crystallisation. Corrosion of metals and of their alloys. Crystal growth and dissolution of Soluble Salts.
Research Infrastructure
Petros G. Koutsoukos, Professor
Powder x-ray diffraction
GC (TCD, FID) , HPLC and Ion Chromatography
Electroanalytical Instrumentation for Trace Metals Analysis
Thermal Analysis (TGA)
Streaming Potential Measurement Apparatus
Measurement of specific surface areas and porosity of solids (pore size distribution)
Particle size distribution
Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
Research Activities
Crystallization of Struvite fro Wastewater
Silica scale formation and prevention in industrial systems
Damage of Calcareous Stones of Monuments due to Salt Crystallization
Effect of Heavy Metals in Mineralization Processes
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Foundation of Research and Technology Hellas-Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature, Patras, Greece
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