Research Profile for Papanicolaou George

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Composite Materials Group (CMG)
Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Research Activity
Polymers, Composites, Interphases, Damage, Viscoelasticity,
Thermal, Mechanical, Dynamic, Modelling, Prediction
Polymer Physics and Engineering- Mechanics of Composite Materials Structures and Modelling - Viscoelasticity - Thermal Analysis - Dynamic-Mechanical Analysis - Environmental Effects-Fracture Mechanics - Adhesion - Interfaces and Interphases.
Research Infrastructure
George Papanicolaou, Professor
Antonia Xepapadaki, PhD student
Panagiotis Rokas, PhD student
Costas Giannadakis, PhD student
Spyros Armyros, PhD student
Mechanical testing machines (Instron)
Polymer and Composite Manufacturing Facilities
Cutting Machines
Water Baths
Impact tester
Creep machine
Research Activities
“Interphase Modelling of Copper- Epoxy Particulate Composites Subjected to Static and Dynamic Loading”,
2008, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Volume 109, Issue 2, Date: 15 July 2008, Pages: 1150-1160.

2.Papanicolaou, G.C., Keppas, L.K. and Anifantis, N.K.
Finite Element Prediction of Debonding Onset in Short Fiber Reinforced Polymers Incorporating a Hybrid Interphase Region
2008, “Composites Interfaces”, Vol.15, No5, pp.477-493.

3. Papanicolaou, G.C., Xepapadaki, A.G., Karagounaki, K., Zaoutsos, S.P.
“Time and Temperature Effect on the Linear-Nonlinear Viscoelastic Transition Threshold of a Polymeric System”
2008, “Journal of Applied Polymer Science”, Vol.108. pp.640-649 (2008).

4. Papanicolaou, G.C., Anifantis, N.K., Keppas, L.K., Kosmidou, Th.V.,Stress analysis of short fiber-reinforced polymers incorporating a hybrid interphase region
2007, Composite Interfaces, Volume 14, Number 2, pp. 131-152(22)
5. Papanicolaou, G.C., Bakos, D.J., Kosmidou, Th.V.,
Effect of the interface stiffness and skin-core adhesion efficiency on the interfacial stress distribution of sandwich structures, 2007, Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 38 (4),pp. 1099-1106.

6. Papanicolaou, G.C., Mouzakis, D.E., Kosmidou, Th. V.,
Economopoulos, G."Static and dynamic behavior of single-edge notched glass fabric composites",2006, Polymer Composites, 27 (2), pp. 177-183.
A number of European Universities.
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