Research Profile for Christopoulos Menelaos

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Center for the Study of Myth and Religion in Greek and Roman Antiquity (
Department of Philology
Research Activity
Ancient Greek Literature,Epic,Homeric Poetry,Drama,Myth,Religion,Sea in Antiquity
Ancient Greek Epic Poetry, Ancient Greek Drama, Ancient Greek Myth and Religion
Head of the Center for the Study of Myth and Religion in Greek and Roman Antiquity (http//
Research Infrastructure
Menelaos CHRISTOPOULOS, Associate Professor, Department of Philology (Head of the Center, Vice President of the Department of Philology)
Aristoula Georgiadou, Associate Professor, Department of Philology
Michael Lipka, Assistant Professor, Department of Philology
Spyridon Rangos, Assistant Professor,Department of Philology
Effy Karakantza, Lecturer, Depertment of Philology
Apart the standard equipment (PCs, Printers, Projectors, Online communication, reading-room) the Center has a Video conference equipment and is preparing the edition of a e-journal (Electra) specialized in the study of myth and religion in antiquity
Research Activities
Research projects in the Center for the Study of Myth and Religion in Greek and Roman Antiquity:
-Light and Darkness in Ancient Greek and Roman Mythology and Religion
-Electronic Dictionary of Ancient Greek Religion
-Electronic Journal on Ancient Myth and Religion (Electra)

Individual Research Project:
-The Sea in Ancient Greek Literature
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Ι. Βooks

Πλουτάρχου Γρύλλος (Περί του τα άλογα λόγω χρήσθαι), Plutarch’s Gryllus (Bruta ratione uti), Αthens 1996

Θαλασσινά επεισόδια της Οδύσσειας (Maritime Episodes of the Odyssey), Athens 1997

Μυθικά θέματα με δραματικό προσωπείο.Μελέτες για την τραγωδία και την κωμωδία (Mythical Themes Wearing Masks. Studies on Tragedy and Comedy), Athens 2000

Δεύτερη σοφιστική. Η πνευματική παραγωγή των αυτοκρατορικών χρόνων (Second Sophistic. The Spiritual Production of the Roman Imperial Period), Athens 2002

Μιμήσεις πράξεων. Αφήγηση και δομή στις τραγωδίες των κλασικών χρόνων (“Mimeseis Praxeon”. Narrative and Structure in the Tragedies of the Classical Period), Athens 2002

Views of Helen in Epic and Drama, Athens 2007.

Ομηρικά Επιγράμματα. Εισαγωγή-Μετάφραση-Σχόλια (Homeric Epigrams. Introduction, Translation, Commentary), Athens 2007

ΙΙ. Articles in Periodicals and Proceedings

“The Spell of Orpheus”, Métis VI, 1-2, 1991, 205-222

“’Oργια απόρρητα.: Quelques remarques sur les rites des Plyntéries” (Orgia Aporrheta. Some Remarks on the Rites of Plynteria), Kernos 5, 1992, 27-39

“Poseidon Erechtheus and Erechtheis Thalassa” in R. Hägg (ed), Ancient Greek Cult Practice from the Epigraphical Evidence, Stockholm 1994, 123-130

“Le départ de l’ île de Calypso. Quelques remarques sur le texte de l’ Odyssée »(« The Departure from Calypso’s Island. Some Remarks on the Text of the Odyssey »), Kernos 9, 1996, 271-279

“Nostos by Sea and Poetic Structure in the Odyssey”, in M. Paisi-Apostolopoulou (ed), Eranos. Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Odyssey (2-7 September 2000), Ithaca 2001, 93-105

“Discours odysséen de Protée. Narrations traditionnelles et innovations narratologiques” (Proteus’ Odyssean Speech. Traditional Narrations and Narratological Innovations), Kernos 2003, 35-41

« Helen and Politics » in N. Birgalias, K. Buraselis, P. Cartledge (eds), The Influence of Ancient Sparta on Political Thought and Practice, Athens 2007

“Auleios thyra et culte religieux. La rencontre du public et du privé” (“Auleios thyra and Religious Cult. Between Public and Private”), Kernos 2006, 257-266

“Contests Without Rewards. Musical Contests in the Odyssey and the Homeric Hymn to Hermes” in M. Paisi-Apostolopoulou (ed.), Contests and Rewards in Homeric Epics, Ithaca and Athens 2007
Centre d' Etudes Homeriques, Univerity of Grenoble
CIERGA (Centre International d'Etudes sur la Religion Grecque Antique), University of Liege
Centre Louis Gernet (CNRS), Paris
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