Research Profile for Deligianni Despina

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Biomechanics of hard tissues and relevant biomaterials
Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Research Activity
Cell mechanics, cell-biomaterial interface, implant osseointegration, biomaterial surface modifications, bone mechanical behaviour, modeling, ultrasound, osteoporosis diagnosis
• Experimental study of bone mechanical behaviour and modelingthe
• Ultrasound propagation in cancellous bone for osteoporosis diagnosis
• Cell mechanics (adhesion strength on biomaterials surfaces, static and dynamic cell culture on biomaterials, mechanotransduction
• Study of biomaterial/cell interface
• Implants-Development of new biomatyerials with surface modification by biomolecules
• Composite bioabsorbable biomaterials
Research Infrastructure
Athanassiou G, Assistant Professor
Koutsoukos P, Professor
Korovessis P., PhD, MD
Kokkinos Petros, PhD
Kroustalli A,Postgraduate student
Fully equipped cell culture unit (including cell culture incubators, laminar flow hoods, and centrifuges), microscopes (optical microscope, fluorescence microscope, stereoscopes, confocal laser scanning microscope, atomic force microscope, and scanning electron microscope), gene expression analysis systems (real time PCR). Special devices for mechanical loading of cells cultured on different biomaterial surfaces or cell culture standard substrates (cell stretching, shear stress application)
Research Activities
COST Action 537, EEC, 2004-2008: Core Laboratories for the Improvement of Medical Devices in Clinical Practice from the Failure of the Explanted Prostheses Analysis (FEPA)
Greek-French Cooperation Program, PLATON 99, 1999-2000, "Estimation of conditions and parameters which enhance the mineralization of orthopaedic implants with osteoblast cells culture".
BRITE EURAM 4230-90: "Resorbable Continuous Fiber Reinforced Polymers for the Osteosynthesis"

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D. DELIGIANNI, N KATSALA, S. LADAS, D. SOTIROPOULOU, J. AMEDEE, Y. MISSIRLIS, Effect of surface roughness of the titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V on human bone marrow cell response and on protein adsorption. Biomaterials 22(11), 2001, 1241-1251.
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M. TYLLIANAKIS, D. DELIGIANNI, A. PANAGOPOULOS, M. PAPPAS, E. SOURGIADAKI, D. MAVRILAS, A. PAPADOPOULOS, Biomechanical comparison of callus over a locked intramedullary nail in various segmental bone defects in a sheep model. Medical Science Monitor 13(5), 2007, BR125-BR130.
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D.D. DELIGIANNI and K.N. APOSTOLOPOULOS, Characterization of dense bovine cancellous bone tissue microstructure by ultrasonic backscattering using weak scattering models. J Acoust Soc Am 122(2), 2007, 1180-1190.
K.N. APOSTOLOPOULOS and DD DELIGIANNI, Influence of microarchitecture alterations on ultrasonic backscattering in an experimental simulation of bovine cancellous bone aging. J Acoust Soc Am 123(2), 2008, 1179-87.
D.D. DELIGIANNI and C.A. APOSTOLOPOULOS, Multilevel finite element modeling for the prediction of local cellular deformation in bone. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 7(2), 2008, 151-9. Epub 2007 Apr 13.
P. KOKKINOS, I. ZARKADIS, D. KLETSAS, D. DELIGIANNI, Effects of physiological mechanical strains on the release of growth factors and the expression of differentiation marker genes in human osteoblasts growing on Ti-6Al-4V. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, Part A, 2008 (Epub ahead of print).
P. KOKKINOS, I. ZARKADIS, T. PANIDIS and D. DELIGIANNI, Estimation of hydrodynamic shear stresses developed on human osteoblasts cultured on Ti-6Al-4V and strained by four point bending. Effects of mechanical loading to specific gene expression. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine (in press).
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