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Kostopoulos, V. Applied Mechanics & Vibrations Lab. (AML/UoP)
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics
Research Activity
Composites,Structural analysis & Optimization of Composite structures, NDT & E, Structural Health monitoring, Nanotechnology, Smart materials, Biomechanics, Fracture & Fatigue
Applied Mechanics & Vibrations Laboratory (AML/UoP) deals mainly with the general field of MATERIALS & STRUCTURES giving emphasis on the science, technology and applications of composite materials (organic, ceramic and metal matrix), monolithic ceramics and plastics. Research is conducted in a variety of areas including:

- Smart Materials and Structures

- Design, analysis and optimization of Composite Structures
Non-Destructive Inspection and Evaluation of Aeronautical Structures, Structural Health Monitoring.

- Composite Materials (Analytical and Numerical Modeling, Non - Destructive Techniques, Thermo and mechanical Characterization, Fracture and Fatigue of Composites, Experimental Techniques).

- Anisotropic Elasticity. Anisotropic Damage Theory.

- Fluid-Structure Interaction. Blast behavior of Structures. Blast shielding & Hardening.

- Fracture Mechanics.

- Wave Propagation and Scattering in Continuous Media.

- Inverse Problems and Inversion of Scattering Data.

- Non-Linear Acoustics.

- Biomechanics.
Research Infrastructure
Director: Professor Vassilis Kostopoulos

Professor Dimosthenis Polizos
Professor Professor Dimitris Saravanos
Assistant Theodoros P. Philippidis

Post Docs:
Dr. Dimitris Vlachos
Dr. Theodoros Loutas
Dr. Panagiota Tsotra
Dr. Nikos Chrissohoides
Dr. Theoni Assimakopoulou

Dip. Eng.
22 PhD candidates
* Nastran, Nike, Patran, ANSYS and LS-DYNA3D Finite element codes, Franc 2-D and 3-D for fracture analysis.
* Warp3D analysis code for advanced plastic and viscoplastic analysis.
* CATIA V5, Solid Edge, Rhinocerosand and Autocad design codes.

# 3 Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines MDG (25, 100 and 250 kN capacity respectively, Maximum frequency for fatigue testing 100 Hz), equipped with an oven for working from sub ambient temperature to 500o C.
# Electromechanical Universal Testing Machines Scheunk, (Maximum capacity 100kN and 25 kN), equipped with an induction heating oven for high temperature testing in air. Both may perform low cycle fatigue tests.
# Ultrasonic Systems, A, C and D-Scan (Bath Size 1200x1000 mm).
# Two Quasi-Static Universal Testing Frames, maximum capacity 25 kN .
# 6-Channel SPARTAN 2000 System by PAC for NDT Acoustic Emission Analysis.
# 4-Channel MYSTRAS System by PAC for transient Acoustic Emission Analysis.
# Ultrasonic System dedicated to the characterisation of the stiffness matrix of anisotropic materials and the anisotropic damage developed under thermomechanical fatigue conditions, equipped with the necessary software developed in house.
# Thermo-Camera System by Nikon
# Thermal Analysis DuPont 2000 System with 9900 Programmer comprising the following units :

* Thermal Mechanical Analyzer(TMA) 943
* Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA) 983
* Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) 910
* Liquid Nitrogen Cooling Accessory (LNCA 11)

# Dynamic Mechanical Analysis System by Bruel & Kjaer for resonance and forced vibrations. Complete set of 1-D, 2-D and 3-D accelerometers and the necessary amplifiers, 2 base excitation shakers, excitation hammers, data logger and data acquisition systems.
# Low velocity impact machine.
# Ballistic-Impact testing equipment
# Impact Pendulum (Sharpy & Izold Impact).
# Nikon-Optiphot 66 Microscope (Fractography),equipped with CCD and video recorder
# Viscoelastic Characterisation Systems (creep, relaxation) equipped with a controlled temperature furnace (Max temperature: 550o C).
# Conditioning - chamber for humidity and temperature control and UV radiation.
# Conditioning - chamber for bellow zero temperatures.
# Special frame for testing of safety helmets according to EC regulation 22.
# Laboratory platens press 300x300 mm, hydraulic force 300 kN, max. temperature 400o C.
# Hand Lay up and Spray up systems with Vacuum bagging for the manufacturing of composite components.
# Autoclave system for the manufacturing of composite components
# Vacuum casting device for the manufacturing of working prototype components.
# Vacuum forming system.
# Full access to a Rapid Prototyping set-up consisting of Z-Print systems
# Glove Box
# 2 Dissolver Devices (Torus Mill) for Preparation of Epoxy Mixtures with various micro- and nano-fillers.
# Digital Multimeter Device (8 dig. Resolution) for mapping the electrical resistance (both under quasi-static and dynamic mode) of materials.
# Sensory voltage, dynamic acceleration, force, strain and temperature measurement
# Various 8- and 4-channel high-speed dynamic data acquisition & spectral analyzer systems
# Real-time data acquisition and active controller implementation
# Various types of excitations: Impact force excitation through a range of impact hammers (miniature to heavy, Continuous force excitation (6lb and 50lb electromagnetic shakers, Piezoelectric actuator strain
# Experimental Modal Analysis: Modal frequency, Modal damping, Mode shapes
# High-voltage dynamic excitation of piezoceramic actuators (±700Volts)
# Additional facilities for NDT and SHMonitoring
# Custom made equipment for wear, friction and Fretting Fatigue measurements

# SGI 8-processors system, Sun UltraSparc, HP/C180 WorkStations and network of PCs.

Research Activities
- NSF Research Program, “Probabilistic Life Prediction for Composite Laminates Subjected to Fatigue Loading”, 2001-2002

- GROWTH: “Ceramic and Carbon Fibres: Validation of Test Methods”, 2002-2004.

- GROWTH: “Virtual Lab. for Composite Materials” (ERIC), 2002-2005.

- EKVAV: “Seismic Assessment and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures”, 2003-2006.

- FP 6, EU-IP: “Advanced Sensor Development for Attention, Stress, Vigilance & Sleep/Wakefulness Monitoring”, SENSATION, 2003-2007.

- FP 6, EU-STREP: “Aerospace Nanotube Hybrid Composite Structures with Sensing and Actuating Capabilities”, NOESIS, 2004-2008.

- FP 6, EU-STREP: “Cost Effective and Environmentally Sound Dismantling of Obsolete Vessels”, ShipDismantl, 2004-2008.

- FP 6, EU-STREP: ‘Vulnerability Analysis for Near Future Composite/Hybrid Aerostructures: Hardening Via New Materials and Design Approaches against Fire and Blast Due to Accidents or Terrorist Attacks’, VULCAN, 2006-2009.

- FP 6, EU-STREP: ‘Advanced Modelling And Self-Learning Mechanisms To Enhance Rotating Engine Diagnosis And Prognosis Systems’, ADHER, 2006-2008.

- ESA Call for Ideas 2006: ‘Detailed characterisation of Nano-modified fiber reinforced polymers in terms of mechanical, electrical and thermal properties towards the development of new materials for space applications’.

- FP 6, EU-STREP: ‘Double Inverted Funnel for the Intervention on Ship Wrecks’ DIFIS, 2006-2009.

- FP 7, EU-L1: ‘Multifunctional Layers For Safer Aircraft Composite Structures’, LAYSA, 2008-2010.

- FP 7, EU-L1: ‘Dismantling of Vessels with Enhanced Safety and Technology’ DIVEST, 2008-2010.

- FP 7, EU-L1: ‘Autonomous Surveillance in Public Transport Infrastructure Systems’, ASPIS, 2008-2010.

- FP 7, EU-L1: ‘Innovative Repair of Aerospace Structures with Curing Optimization & Life Cycle Monitoring Abilities’, IAPETUS, 2008-20012.

- ESA, NPI projects: Methodology for Innovative Health Monitoring of Aerospace structures using Dynamic Response Measurements and advanced signal process (MINERVA).
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Applied Mechanics Laboratory is internationally recognised for its contribution in the respective fields through books, lectures, research papers, conferences, professional society activities and research co-operation within the frame of financially supported projects, both by national and international Institutions, mainly by the EU.

- EU FP6 Aerospace Program Committee, 2002-2006.
- Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal ‘Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures’
- Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal ‘Composite Science and Technology’
- Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal ‘Research & Reviews in Polymers’
- Associate Editor of the ‘International Journal of Aerospace Engineering’
- CEN (European Standardization Committee), TC 184, SC 1, Advanced Technical Ceramics and Ceramic Matrix Composites
- Elected Member of the Executive Board of the Council of the European Society for Composite Materials (ESCM)
- AIAA (American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics)
- ESIS (European Structural Integrity Society)
- Engineering Foundation of Greece
- ICTA (International Confederation for Thermal Analysis)
- HSCM (Hellenic Society of Composite Materials member of FEMS)
- HSNDT (Hellenic Society for Non-Destructive Testing)
- Foundation of Research and Technology CYPRUS, R & D Projects
- PEBE Program for basic research, NTUA
- ANEC, Standardization Committee for child safety.
- General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Ministry of Development, Project for the support of Greek Industry, and INCO Projects.
- State Scholarships Foundation (Socrates program)
- European Standardization Committee for CMCs, TC 184, SC 1.
- European Space Agency, European Space Research & Technology Center
Additional Information

1. 1st Design award, SunLIFE Solar Car Design Contest, June 2008, INTEREG III.

2. Best poster paper award, ECCM 13, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2008.

3. 1st research project award by the Hellenic College of Orthoaedics: Optimization of Meniscus failure treatment by using SMA materials, Athens 2007.

4. 1st research paper award, AERODAYS 2006, Vienna, Austria

5. 2nd Design award (HERMES I Research Group), Solar Electric Cars Design Contest PHAETHON 2004, Athens Cultural Olympics.