Research Profile for Missirlis Yannis

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Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Research Activity
biomaterials,single macromolecule(protein) adhesion mechanics,bacterial adhesion,biocompatibility,tissue engineering,regenerative medicine,surface biomechanics,cell-material interactions
current activities include: measurement of single macromolecule(protein) attachement forces using the AFM, bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation under dynamic flow conditions, endothelial cell responses to combined mechanical and flow environment in a bioreactor using various substrate biological matrices over tubular biomaterials, cell-protein-biomaterial interactions (experimental-theoretical), interfacial phenomena at bio-nonbio interfaces, nanomechanical investigations of biomaterials and tissues, biocompatibility aspects of novel biomaterials.
Research Infrastructure
Yannis F.Missirlis, professor
Georgios P.A.Michanetzis, postdoctoral fellow
Maria Katsikogianni,postdoctoral fellow
Stergioa Dermenoudis,Ph.D. candidate
Confocal Laser Microscopy (3 lasers)
Fluoresence/optical/stereo microscopes
Nanoindentation apparatus
Three culture room facilities
Real-time PCR
Tensile equipments
Contact Angle
Micropipette aspiration facilities
Particle counter
Research Activities
1. Bioreactive composite scaffold design (VASCUPLUG)- EU-FP6 2005-2008 NMP3-CT-2005-013811

2. Nanotechnology in Medicine (NANOMED)-Quality of life Program 2000-2003. QLK3-CT-2000-01500

3. BRITE-EURAM III-Contract CT98-0620.
"Development and Testing of Membranes for Biohybrid Systems" 1998-2001.
4. BRITE-EURAM III-Contract CT97-0415
"Development of Biomaterials with improved Resistance to infection" 1997-2000.
56. G.P.A. Michanetzis, N. Katsala, Y.F. Missirlis, "Comparison of haemocompatibility improvement of four polymeric biomaterials by two heparinization techniques", Biomaterials 24, 677-688, 2003.

57. M. Katsikogianni and Y.F. Missirlis, “Concise review of mechanisms of bacterial adhesion to biomaterials and of techniques used in estimating bacteria-material interactions”, European Cells & Materials Journal,8, 37-57,2004.

58. Groth T, Seifert B, Albrecht W, Malsch G, Gross U, Fey-Lamprecht F, Michanetzis G, Missirlis Y, Engbers G., “Development of polymer membranes with improved haemocompatibility for biohybrid organ technology”,
Clin Hemorheol Microcirc. 2005;32(2):129-43.

59. Amanatides E., Mataras D., Katsikogianni M., Missirlis Y.F., “Plasma surface treatment of polyethylene terephtalate films for bacterial repellence“, Surface & Coatings Technology, ,200:6331-6335, 2006.

60. Koromila G., Michanetzis,G.P.A., Missirlis,Y.F. ,Antimisiaris,S.G., “Heparin incorporating liposomes as a delivery system of heparin from PET-covered metallic stents: Effect on haemocompatibility “, Biomaterials, 27, 2525-2533, 2006.

61. Katsikogianni M.,Spiliopoulou I., Dowling,D.P., Missirlis, Y.F., “ Adhesion of slime producing Staphylococcus epidermidis strains to PVC and diamond like carbon/silver/fluorinated coatings “, J Mater Sci: Mater Med 17, 679-689, 2006.

62. Antimisiaris,S.G., Koromila G., Michanetzis,G.P.A., Missirlis,Y.F., “Liposome Coated Stents: A Method to Deliver Drugs to the Site of Action and Improve Stent Blood-Compatibility”, Journal of Liposome Research, 16:303–309, 2006.

63. Katsikogianni M. G., Syndrevelis C. S., Amanatides E., Mataras D. S., Missirlis Y. F., “Plasma treated and a-C:H coated PET performance in inhibiting bacterial adhesion”, Plasma Processes and Polymers, 4( S1), : S1046-S1051 ,2007.
64. A. G. Moutzouri , A. T. Skoutelis , C.A. Gogos , Y. F. Missirlis , G. M. Athanassiou, “Red blood cell deformability in patients with sepsis: A marker for prognosis and monitoring of severity”, Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, 36(4) : 291-299, 2007.
65. Th. S. Tsapikouni and Y.F.Missirlis, “pH and ionic strength effect on single fibrinogen molecule adsorption on mica studied with AFM”, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 57, (1) : 89-96, 2007.
66. Y.F.Missirlis and M.Katsikogianni, “Theoretical and experimental approaches of bacteria-biomaterial interactions”, Mat.-wiss. U. Werkstofftech. 38(12),983-994, 2007.

67. Th.S.Tsapikouni, St. Allen, Y.F.Missirlis, “Measurement of interaction forces between fibrinogen coated probes and mica surface with the Atomic Force Microscope: The pH and ionic strength effect”, Biointerphases, 3(1),1-8 , 2008.
68. M. Katsikogianni, E. Amanatides, D. Mataras, Y.F. Missirlis. ‘Staphylococcus epidermidis adhesion to He, He/O2 plasma treated PET films and aged materials: Contributions of surface free energy and shear rate’, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 65:257-268,2008
69. G.P.A.Michanetzis, Y.F.Missirlis and S.G.Antimisiaris, “ Haemocompatibility of Nanosized Drug Delivery Systems: Has it benn Adequately Considered?”, J.Biomed. Nanotechnol., 4(3) : 218-233,2008.
with several, mainly via the european projects
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