Research Profile for Efthimiopoulos Thomas (Emeritus Professor)

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Lasers, Nonlinear and Quantum Optics Labs
Department of Physics,New Building
Research Activity
Parametric wave mixing,Quantum interference effect,Laser applications.
1. Laser spectroscopy in atoms and molecules
2. Physics of Lasers, Non linear and quantum optics
3. Creation of Coherent radiations in VUV and EUV
4. Non-linear interaction of Lasers with atoms
5. LWI and AWI investigation in potassium vapors
6. Short pulses in UV.
7. High Tc superconducting films and nanostructures
Research Infrastructure
1. Giannakopoulos Vaggelis (PhD)
2. Dionysios Pentaris, Yassemidis Dimitris, Reppa Eleni (Candidate PhD s)
3. Pipergias Kostas (Candidate MsC)
Excimer Lasers, Dye Lasers, VUV Spectrometer with CCD camera, Laser ablation film deposition system, High vacuum system, Nd:YAG OPO laser.
Research Activities
1. Study of EUV coherent radiation generation by rare gas dimers.
2. Parametric processes and quantum interference effect Laser potassium-atom interaction.
1. N. Merlemis, A. Lyras, M. Katharakis and T. Efthimiopoulos, ‘Amplified spontaneous emission without population inversion in potassium vapor by internally generated fields’, J. Phys. B: At. Mol.. Opt. Phys. 39, 1913-1927, 2006.

2. D. Pentaris, N. Merlemis, A. Lyras and T. Efthimiopoulos, Parametric four- wave mixing in low atomic density of Potassium, ICCMSE 2007, Seot. 25-28, CORFOU Greece, 2007.

3. Efthimiopoulos, T., Kiagias, H., Christoulakis, S., Merlemis, N. ‘Bubble creation and collapse during excimer laser ablation of weak absorbing polymers’, Applied Surface Science 254 (17), pp. 5626-5630, 2008

4. Suchea, M., Christoulakis, S., Tibeica, C., Katharakis, M., Kornilios, N., Efthimiopoulos, T., Koudoumas, E. ‘Structural and morphological properties of thin ZnO films grown by pulsed laser deposition’, Applied Surface Science 254 (17), pp. 5475-5480, 2008

5. Merlemis, N., Reppa, E., Efthimiopoulos, T. ‘Narrowband emission of argon dimers in a dc discharge with supersonic expansion’, Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics 91 (1), pp. 183-188, 2008

6. Pentaris D., Marinos T., Merlemis N., Efthimiopoulos T. ‘Optical free induction memory in potassium vapor under a partially-truncated two-photon excitation’, Journal of Modern Optics iFirst, pp. 1-10, DOI: 10.1080/09500340802357323, 2009.
1.Physics Dept. of Warsaw University.
2.Armenian Academy of Science, Yerevan.
3.University of Toronto Physics Dept.
4.University of Munich, Physics Department.
5.Vilnius University Laser Center (VULRC).
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