Research Profile for Klepetsanis Pavlos

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Physical Pharmacy Laboratory
Department of Pharmacy
Research Activity
cyclodextrin, microemulsions, drugs solubilization, biological mineralization
Study of drugs complexation with cyclodextrins
Drugs soludilization with cosolvents, microemulsions and self-emulsifying systems
Drug release mechanisms from solid pharmaceutical forms
Formation of calcium phosphate polymorphs on various substrates
Sand and soil consolidation using sparingly soluble calcium salts
Research Infrastructure
Research Activities
1. O. Gortzi, S. G. Antimisiaris, Pavlos G. Klepetsanis, E. Papadimitriou, and P. V. Ioannou, “Arsonoliposomes: effect of arsonolipid acyl chain length and vesicle composition on their toxicity towards cancer and normal cell in culture”, in European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 18 (2003) p. 175-183.
2. Avgoustakis K., Beletsi A., Panagi Z., Klepetsanis P., Livaniou E., Evangelatos G. and Ithakissios D.S., “Effect of copolymer composition on the physicochemical characteristics, in vitro stability, and biodistribution of PLGA-mPEG nanoparticles”, in International Journal of Pharmaceutics 259 (2003) p. 115-127.
3. O. Gustavsen, C. A. Paraskeva, I. T. Hafez, A. Toliza, P. G. Klepetsanis, P. G. Koutsoukos, A. C. Payatakes and T. Ostvold, ‘Sand Stabilization with Mineral Precipitation’, in Progress in Mining and Oilfield Chemistry 5 (2003) p. 259-278.
4. Bouropoulos C., Vagenas N., Klepetsanis P., Stavropoulos N. and Bouropoulos N., “Growth of Calcium Oxalate Monohydrate on Uric Acid Crystals at sustained supersaturation”, in Crystal Research and Technology 39 (2004) p. 699-704.
5. Paraskevi Kallinteri, Dimitrios Fatouros, Pavlos G. Klepetsanis and Sophia G. Antimisiaris, ‘Arsenic Trioxide Liposomes: Encapsulation Efficiency and In Vitro Stability’ in Journal of Liposome Research 14(1-2) (2004) p. 27-38.
6. Dimitris G.Fatouros, Pavlos G. Klepetsanis, Sophia G.Antimisiaris, and Panagiotis V.Ioannou in “Effect of pH on the electrophoretic mobility of a novel class of liposomes: arsonoliposomes”, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 288 (1) (2005) p.151-156.
7. Sophia G. Antimisiaris, Pavlos G. Klepetsanis, Venetia Zachariou, Eleftheria Giannopoulou and Panagiotis V. Ioannou, in “In vivo distribution of arsenic after ip injection of arsonoliposomes in balc-c mice”, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 289 (2005) p.151-158.
8. C. Aggelopoulos, P. Klepetsanis, M.A. Theodoropoulou, K. Pomoni and C.D. Tsakiroglou, “Large-Scale effects on Resistivity Index of Porous Media”, in Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 77 (2005) p.299-323.
9. Iosif. T. Hafez, Christakis A. Paraskeva, Asimina Toliza, Pavlos G. Klepetsanis, Petros G. Koutsoukos, Oyvind Gustavsen, Terje Ostvold and Alkiviades C. Payatakes, “Calcium Phosphate Overgrowth on Silicate Sand”, Crystal Growth & Design, 6 (2006) p.675-683.
10. P. Hatzi, S. Mourtas, P. Klepetsanis and SG Antimisiaris, “Integrity of liposomes in presence of cyclodextrins. Effect of liposome type and lipid composition”, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 333 (1-2), 2007, p.167-176.
11. Zagana P., Klepetsanis P., Ioannou P.V., Loiseau P.M. and Antimisiaris S.G., ‘Trypanocidal activity of arsonoliposomes: Effect of vesicle lipid composition’, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 61(8), 2007, p.499-504.
12. Zaru M., Mourtas S., Klepetsanis P., Fadda A.M. and Antimisiaris S.G., ‘Liposomes for drug delivery to the lungs by nebulization’, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 67(3), 2007, p. 655-666.
13. Blin F., Koutsoukos P.G. Klepetsanis P. and Forsyth M., ‘The corrosion inhibition mechanism of new rare earth cinnamate compounds – Electrochemical studies’, Electrochimica Acta, 52(21), 2007, p.6212-6220.
14. Zagana P., Haikou M., Klepetsanis P., Giannopoulou E., Ioannou P.V. and Antimisiaris S.G., ‘In vivo distribution of arsonoliposomes: Effect of vesicle lipid composition’, International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 347(1-2), 2008, p.86-92.
15. Lioliou M.G., Kofina A.N., Paraskeva C.A., Klepetsanis P.G., Ostvold T., Payatakes A.C. and Koutsoukos P.G., ‘Controlled precipitation of sparingly soluble phosphate salts using enzymes. I. Controlled development of solution supersaturation in situ’, Crystal Growth & Design, 8(4), 2008, p.1390-1398.
16. Beletsi A., Klepetsanis P., Ithakissios D.S., Kounias S, Stavropoulos A. and Avgoustakis K., ‘Simultaneous optimization of cisplatin-loaded PLGA-mPEG nanoparticles with regard to their size and drug encapsulation’, Current Nanoscience, 4(2), 2008, p.173-178.
ICE/HT-FORTH (collaborating member)
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