Research Profile for Ferentinos Georgios (Emeritus Professor)

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Marine Geology & Physical Oceanography, Oceanus
Research Activity
Marine Geology, Physical Oceanography, Palaeoclimatology, Underwater Archaeology, Marine Environment, Marine Pollution
from gas charged sediments to pockmarks monitoring

from submarine landslides to submarine faults and tsunamis

from heavy metals and NORM/Cs in marine sediments to marine litter

from palaeoceanography to reconstruction of coastal and underwater archaeological sites

Habitat mapping from Posidonia oceanica to corallegene algae
Research Infrastructure
George Ferentinos, Professor
George Papatheodorou, Assoc. Professor
Maria Geraga, Lecturer
Dr. Athina Chalari, Research Associate
Dr. George Gionis, Research Associate
Dimitris Christodoulou, MSc, PhD Student
Margarita Iatrou, MSc, PhD Student
Elias Fakiris, MSc, PhD Student
Marine Geological Surveying Equipment
SUBBOTOM PROFILER - 3.5kHz Pinger, O.R.E.-Geopulse,SPARKER (SIG Sparker System 2000AB)
SIDE SCAN SONAR - EG&G 272TD towfish, Edgetech 4100-P digital recording unit
MARINE MAGNETOMETER - Overhouse type SeaSPY (Marine Magnetics)
Research Activities
Marine Litters
Harbour Dredging
Underwater Archaeology
1. Stefatos, A., Charalampakis, M., Papatheodorou, G., and Ferentinos, G., 2006 Tsunamogenic sources in an active European half graben (Gulf of Corinth, Central Greece). Marine Geology. 232:35-47.
2. Chalari, A., Christodoulou, D., Papatheodorou, G., Geraga, M., Stefatos, A., Ferentinos, G. (2005): Use of remote sensing and GIS in the reconstruction of coastal palaeogeography of Alexandria, Egypt, B.A.R., British Archaeological Reports Series. 1746: 118-128.

3 Geraga M., Mylona, G., Tsaila-Monopoly St., Papatheodorou G., Ferentinos G., (2008). Northeastern Ionian Sea: Palaeoceanographic variability over the last 22 ka. Journal of Marine Systems. 74:623-638
4. Georgiadis, M., Papathodorou G., Tzanatos E., Geraga M., Ramfos A. Koutsikopoulos C., Ferentinos G. (2009). Coralligene formations in the eastern Mediterranean Sea: Morphology, distribution, mapping and relation to fisheries in the southern Aegean Sea (Greece) based on high-resolution acoustics. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology. 368: 44-58
Max Plank Institute, Germany
INGV, Italy
HCMR, Greece
Additional Information