Research Profile for Koulouridis Stavros

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Microwave Communications
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Research Activity
Antenna Design, Microwave Applications in Medicine, Electromagnetic Fields and Biological Tissues Interaction, Passive and Non-Foster Microwave Matching Networks, Numerical Electromagnetic Methods, Optimization Methods, Novel Materials for Antennas
Microwave Communications Group is conducting research in microwave region of electromagnetic spectrum. Focus is put on microwave devices design, analysis and development; electromagnetic compatibility issues; interaction of microwaves with matter. Research interests of Microwave Communications group include:
- Microwave devices design.
- Development and testing of several types and applications antennas (broadband antennas, multiple bands antennas, for GPS applications, for Satellite platforms, conformal antennas, etc.).
- Study of new, light, flexible polymer materials for microwave frequencies with dielectric and magnetic constants control.
- Passive and active/negative matching circuits.
- Microwave fields and biological tissues interactions.
- Medical diagnostic and therapeutic microwave techniques.
- Development of computational electromagnetic techniques.
- Optimization methods for microwave design problems.
Research Infrastructure
10MHz-13.5GHz Agilent N5221A PNA Microwave Network Analyzer
9kHz - 3GHz Aeroflex Spectrum Analyser
National Instruments Signal Generator
National Instruments Signal Analyser
Frequency Counters, Power Supplies, waveguides, etc
GPU Server
Several PCs
specialized software for circuit design and Biological simulations.
Research Activities
“mBioRF. Multilevel assessment on Biological effects of RadioFrequency electromagnetic waves,” Budget €600000, 1/2/2012-30/9/2015 (
“microDiagnosis Microwave-based diagnosis for pneumothorax and detection of air cavities in body,” Budget €150000, 15/6/2012-14/6/2015 (
“MIMO Techniques for SAtellite and Stratospheric Communication Systems: Network of Excellence (MIMOSA)”, 1/2/2012-30/9/2015
COST IC1102 Versatile, Integrated, and Signal-aware Technologies for Antennas (VISTA). 12/2011-09/2015
S. Bakogianni and S. Koulouridis, “Numerical SAR and temperature analysis in RF EM fields exposed vial set-ups of peripheral blood lymphocytes”, BioEM2013, Thessaloniki, 2013
C5. M. Christopoulou and S. Koulouridis, “Design requirements of microwave sensor for pneumothorax diagnosis,” 2013 IEEE Intern. Symp. AP, Orlando, July 2013.
I. Sotiropoulos, I.-G. V. Plegas, S. Koulouridis, H. T. Anastassiu, “Scattering Properties of Carbon Nanotube Arrays,” IEEE Trans EMC, vol. 54, pp. 110-117, 2012.
S. Koulouridis, “Non-Foster Designs for Antennas”, 2011 IEEE Intern. S. AP, Spokane, 2011
S. Koulouridis, G. Kiziltas, Y. Zhou, D. Hansford and J. L. Volakis, “Polymer – Ceramic Composites for Microwave Applications: Fabrication and Performance Assessment,” IEEE Trans. MTT, vol. 54, pp. 4202-4208, 2006.
S. Koulouridis, D. Psychoudakis and J.L. Volakis, “Multi-Objective Optimal Antenna Design based on Volumetric Material Optimization,” IEEE Trans. AP, vol. 55, pp. 594-603, 2007.
Electroscience Laboratory, The Ohio State University
Microwave and Fiber Optics Lab, National Technical University of Athens
Biomedical Simulations Group, National Technical Unviversity of Athens
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