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Gotsi Georgia
Department of Philology, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
Research Activity
Modern Greek Literature, Comparative Literature, Literary Theory and Criticism
Special Topics:
Immigration, Repatriation, Territorial Borders and Symbolic Boundaries in Greek Literature since the 1980s
Antiquities, Cultural Biographies and Literature
The Jewish Presence in Modern Greek Literature: Issues of Memory and Postmemory
Cities in Literature
Reception of European and American Literatures in Greece
Translations and Translators
Research Infrastructure
Georgia Gotsi, Assistant Professor
The Department of Philology has three laboratories (Paleography, Study of Modern Greek Dialects, Center for the Study of Myth and Religion in Greek and Roman Antiquity) well furnished with electronic equipment as well as a range of technical equipment such as scanners, projectors, microfilm and microfiche readers. In addition, the Department makes available to its members a well equipped Computer Center.

The Department Library contains a substantial number of recent as well as of older editions of literary and critical texts, journals and newspapers on the history and criticism of Greek and comparative literatures.
Research Activities
A. Books
•Georgia Gotsi and Despina Provata. Ιστορία της Ευρωπαϊκής Λογοτεχνίας. Vol. 2. Patras 2000.
•Η ζωή εν τη πρωτευούση. Θέματα αστικής πεζογραφίας από το τέλος του 19ου αιώνα. Athens 2004.
•«Η διεθνοποίησις της Φαντασίας». Σχέσεις της ελληνικής με τις ξένες λογοτεχνίες τον 19o αιώνα. Athens 2010.

B. Edited Volumes
•Special issue of the Journal Αντί (641, August 1997) on «Το ελληνικό απόκρυφο μυθιστόρημα του 19ου αιώνα».
•Ιωάννης Δ. Κονδυλάκης, Οι ΄Αθλιοι των Αθηνών. Edited with an Introduction by Georgia Gotsi. 2 vols. Athens 1999.

C. Articles, Book Chapters and Reviews
•«Narratives in Perambulation: Poe's 'The Man of the Crowd' and Metsakes' 'Αυτόχειρ'», Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 20 (1996) 35-55.
•«Η μυθιστορία των Αποκρύφων. Συμβολή στην περιγραφή του είδους» in Από τον Λέανδρο στον Λουκή Λάρα. Μελέτες για την πεζογραφία της περιόδου 1830-1880. Edited by Nassos Vagenas. Irakleio 1997. 149-168.
•«Voices Against Erasure. Karen Van Dyck, Kassandra and the censors. Greek poetry since 1967: Ithaka, NY and London, 1998. Pp. xi, 305», Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 23 (1999) 353-357.
•«A Garment of One's Own: Eugenia Fakinou's Re-Imagining of the Greek Past», Mediterranean Historical Review 15:2 (2000) 91-110.
•«Ο flâneur: θεωρητικές μεταμορφώσεις μιας παρισινής φιγούρας», Σύγκριση/Comparaison 13 (2002) 120-138.
•«Empire and Exoticism in the Short Fiction of Alexandros Rizos Rangavis», Journal of Modern Greek Studies 24:1 (2006) 23-55.
•«Η μεταφραστική δραστηριότητα του Ν.Γ. Πολίτη και το διήγημα» in Το διήγημα στην ελληνική και στις ξένες λογοτεχνίες. Θεωρία-γραφή-πρόσληψη. Edited by Heleni Politou-Marmarinou and Sophia Denissi. Athens 2009. 225-249.
•«Ritsos’ Penelope: Recognition and Despair» in Αντιφίλησις. Studies on Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Literature and Culture. In Honour of J.-Th. Papademetriou. Stuttgart, 2009. 585-594.
•«Εβραίοι και ελληνική λογοτεχνία στο τέλος της πρώτης δεκαετίας του 21ου αιώνα», The Books’ Journal 2 (December 2010)75-77.
A.S. Onassis Program for Hellenic Studies, New York University

Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University

Erasmus Collaboration:
Université Paris Sorbonne, Paris IV
Université de Strasbourg
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Università di Catania
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