Research Profile for Anifantis Nikolaos

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Computational Design Group (CDG)
Mechanical & Aeronautics Engineering Department
Research Activity
Computational technology in mechanical and aeronautics engineering design, Finite element and boundary element techniques.
Development and application of computational technology in all areas of mechanical and aeronautics engineering design, with special attention to finite element and boundary element techniques for the analysis of nonlinear vibration, fracture, elastomeric, material interfaces, gearing and contact problems.
Research Infrastructure
Professor N. Anifantis
Director of Machine Design Lab.

3 Post-Doc researchers
6 PHD researchers
Research Activities
Finite element simulation of residual stress prediction in multipass joint welds of bimaterial pipes, Joint Research Center, the Netherlands, 2004.
L.K. Keppas, D.E. Katsareas, R.C. Wimpory, N.K. Anifantis and A.G. Youtsos, Letterbox type repair weld finite element simulation and residual stress prediction, Materials Science Forum, 524-525, 445-450, 2006.
Additional Information
FP7 research themes for potential involvement:

Nanotechnology, Energy conversation, Transportation, Aeronautics