Research Profile for Georgiou Dimosthenis

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Regulated Injection, Vane Rotary Isothermal Compressor (RIVRIC)
Research Activity
Regulated Injection, Vane Rotary Isothermal Compressor.
Our team is developing the Regulated Injection, Vane Rotary Isothermal Gas Compressor (RIVRIC) concept which employs a multi diaphragm Vane rotary compressor and regulated water injection to achieve Isothermal Compression for flue gases that have been expanded to sub-atmospheric pressures and near atmospheric temperatures. Such a compressor may be built out of plastic materials and drive a Gaseous Bottoming cycle, thus replacing the much heavier and slow responding Rankine cycle facilities. So far the activity has concentrated on two aspects :( 1) the integration of an experimental facility that will provide data under various operating conditions (the rotary compressor is undergoing early testing). (2) The analytical study of the isothermal compression under conditions of regulated water injection
Research Infrastructure
1) DEMOS P. GEORGIOU (Assoc. Professor)
2) E. N. GEORGIOU (Assist.. Professor)
3) Tr. XENOS (PhD student)
Research Activities
1) DP GEORGIOU, T. XENOS “A new thermodynamic cycle based on the non saturated atmospheric air”, proceedings, FLOW2006, Patras, November 2006.
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