Research Profile for Georgiou Dimosthenis

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Isochoric Heat Exhanger
Research Activity
“Stirling” like thermodynamic cycle plants require a countercurrent heat exchanger operating under isochoric (constant volume) conditions. Our team is developing the Isochoric, Countercurrent Heat Exchanger (ICHE) concept which employs two traveling cavity cascades, moving in opposite directions. Heat flows through the separating plate, which creates a lid driven cavity cascade on each side. So far the activity has concentrated on two aspects :( 1) the integration of an experimental facility that will provide data for various cavity configurations (the facility is completed). (2) The analytical study of the influence of various transient mechanisms on the heat transfer and temperature distribution on the separating plate against the plate thickness.
Research Infrastructure
1) DEMOS P. GEORGIOU (Assoc. Professor)
2) N. SIAKAVELLAS (Assoc. Professor)
3) D.D. Giouvetsis (PhD student)
Research Activities
1) Nikolaos J. Siakavellas, Demos P. Georgiou “1D heat transfer through a flat plate submitted to step changes in heat transfer coefficient” International Journal of Thermal Sciences Volume 44, Issue 5 , May 2005, Pages 452-464
2) D.P. Georgiou and N. Siakavellas, The 1-D heat transfer through a flat plate exposed to out of phase step changes in the free stream temperatures, Heat Mass Transfer 38 (2002), pp. 657–663
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