Research Profile for Triantafillou Athanasios

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Structural Materials Laboratory
Research Activity
Construction materials, advanced composites, seismic retrofitting, advanced prefabrication
- Advanced construction materials
- Innovative strengthening and seismic retrofitting technologies
- Composites in construction
- Textile-reinforced concrete
- Steel-concrete composite structures
Research Infrastructure
Thanasis Triantafillou, Professor
Catherine Papanicolaou, Lecturer
1 Post-Doc
2 PhD students
7 Post-Graduate students
Strong biaxial cyclic testing frame.
Cyclic and monotonic loading testing machines.
Torsion testing machine.
Controlled Temperature and humidity curing chamber.
Complete series of non-destructive testing equipment for concrete and masonry.
Concrete and mortars technology equipment.
Research Activities
1. The Integrated Safe and Smart Built Concept (I-SSB). FP6, IP.
2. Open and Fully Compatible Next Generation Strengthening System for the Rehabilitation of the Mediterranean Building Heritage (OPERHA). FP6, STREP.
3. European Network for Composite Reinforcemenit (EN-CORE). FP6, Marie Curie RTN.
4. Assessment of Seismic Vulnerability for Existing Buildings and Development of Advanced Strengthening Materials and Techniques (ΑRISTION). EPAN, GSRT.
5. Concrete Repair Network (ConRepNet). FP5, Them. Network.
6. Low Risk and Totally Recyclable Structural Buildings (SAFEFLOOR). FP5.
1. Bournas, D., Lontou, P., Papanicolaou, C. G. and Triantafillou, T. C. (2007). “Textile-Reinforced Mortar (TRM) versus FRP Confinement in Reinforced Concrete Columns”, ACI Structural Journal, 104(6), 740-748.
2. Papanicolaou, C. G., Triantafillou, T. C., Papathanasiou, M. and Karlos, K. (2007). “Textile Reinforced Mortar (TRM) versus FRP as Strengthening Material of URM Walls: Out-of-plane Cyclic Loading”, Materials and Structures, RILEM, 41(1), 143-157.
3. Triantafillou, T. C. and Papanicolaou, C. G. (2006). “Shear Strengthening of RC Members with Textile Reinforced Mortar (TRM) Jackets”, Materials and Structures, RILEM, 39(1), 85-93.
4. Karantzikis, M., Papanicolaou, C. G., Antonopoulos, C. and Triantafillou, T. C. (2005). “Experimental Investigation of Non-Conventional Confinement for Concrete using FRP”, Journal of Composites for Construction, ASCE, 9(6), 480-487.
5. Antonopoulos, C. P. and Triantafillou, T. C. (2003) “Experimental Investigation of FRP-Strengthened RC Beam-Column Joints”, Journal of Composites for Construction, ASCE, 7(1), 39-49.
Numerous cooperations with organizations and Institutes mainly in Europe, also in the USA.
Additional Information
FP7 research themes for potential involvement:
Advanced construction materials, seismic retrofitting, new prefabrication systems, composites, textile reinforcement.