Research Profile for Georgiou D. Christos

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Georgiou C.
Research Activity
Biochemistry of reactive oxygen species.
My current research interests cover the general area of the biochemistry of reactive oxygen species. They focus on:
a) the development of a number of assays to measure in vivo and in vitro certain components of oxidative stress (such as superoxide), and certain DNA damage-related markers of oxidative stress (such as DNA fragmentation), which have important medical applications as (commercial) clinical diagnostic tools.
b) the role that oxygen free radicals play on microbial development and differentiation, and in general in pathological and physiological conditions of any organism
Research Infrastructure
1. Christos D. Georgiou, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biochemistry
2. George Zervoudakis, Ph.D., Post-Doc
Research Activities
Effect of mobile phone RF on biological systems
Free radicals and astrobiology
Involvement of free radicals in various diseases such as Parkinson, epilepsia, eye pseudoexfoliation syndrome, obstructive jaundice, hepatectomy, haemoragic shock, X-ray radiation, etc.
1. Assimakopoulos, S. F., Scopa, C. D., Zervoudakis, G., Mylonas, P., Georgiou D. C., Nikolopoulou, V., Vagianos, C. E. (2004). Bombesin and neurotensin reduce endotoxaemia, intestinal oxidative stress and apoptosis in experimental obstructive jaundice. Ann. Surg. 241: 159-167.
2. Georgiou, D. C., Papapostolou, I., Patsoukis, N., Tsegenidis, T., Sideris, T. (2005). An ultrasensitive fluorescent assay for the in vivo quantification of superoxide radical in organisms. Anal. Biochem. 347: 144-151.
3. Konstantinidis, T., Patsoukis, N., Georgiou, D. C., Synetos, D. (2006). Translational fidelity mutations in 18S rRNA affect the catalytic activity of ribosomes and the oxidative balance of yeast cells. Biochemistry USA 45: 3525-3533.
Additional Information
FP7 research themes for potential involvement:
Medical research, medical occupational research, aging, health sciences