Research Profile for Christopoulos Theodoros

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Christopoulos T.
Research Activity
---Development of analytical methods for DNA, RNA and proteins
---Nanotechnology and biosensors
---Microfabricated devices (chips) for genomics and proteomics
---Chemical and biochemical instrumentation
---Bioluminescence, Fluorescence
---Areas of applications:
New diagnostic tools for disease
Molecular analysis of food products
Research Infrastructure
1 Postdoctoral fellow
5 PhD students
Research Activities
Kalogianni DP, Koraki T, Christopoulos TK, Ioannou PC. Nanoparticle-based DNA biosensor for visual detection of genetically modified organisms. Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2006, 21:1069-1076.
Obeid PJ, Christopoulos TK, Ioannou PC. Rapid analysis of genetically modified organisms by in-house developed capillary electrophoresis chip and laser-induced fluorescence system. Electrophoresis 2004, 25:922-930
Obeid PJ, Christopoulos TK, Crabtree HJ, Backhouse CJ. Microfabricated device for DNA and RNA amplification by continuous-flow PCR and RT-PCR with cycle number selection. Analytical Chemistry, 2003, 75:288-295
Glynou K, Ioannou PC, Christopoulos TK, Syriopoulou V. Oligonucleotide-functionalized gold nanoparticles as probes in a dry-reagent strip biosensor for DNA analysis by hybridization. Analytical Chemistry, 2003, 75:4155-4160
Tannous BA, Laios E, Christopoulos TK. T7 RNA polymerase as a self-replicating label for antigen quantification. Nucleic Acids Research, 2002, 30:e140(1-7).
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