Research Profile for Koutinas Athanasios (Emeritus Professor)

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Koutinas A.
Research Activity
Food biotechnology:
a. Production of wine, beer and alcoholic beverages using immobilized cells on various matrices.
b. Production of bioethanol from agricultural wastes.
c. Production of probiotic foods and novel starter cultures for industrial processes of dairy processes.
d. Determination of bacterial diversity in dairy products.
e. Use of radiochemical methods for the determination of trace elements in food and environmental samples.
f. Use of radioisotopes for the study of biochemical processes
Research Infrastructure
Prof A.A. Koutinas – Professor in Chemistry and Food Biotechnology
Dr M. Kanellaki –Professor Associate in Chemistry and Food Biotechnology
Dr M. Soupioni – Professor Assistant in Radiochemistry and Radiation Chemistry
Dr A. Mpekatorou – Lecturer in Chemistry and Food Biotechnology
2 Postdoctoral researchers and 9 PhD students.
Research Activities
Recent research projects:
1. PEP of Western Greece entitled “Production of dried starter cultures using whey as raw material for food production”.
2. PENED 2005 entitled “Exploitation of agro-industrial wastes as supports for immobilizing wine yeasts for beverages production”.

Recent publication:
1. Kourkoutas, Y., Kandylis, P., Panas, P., Dooley J.S.G., Nigam, P., and Koutinas, A.A. 2006. Evaluation of Freeze-Dried Kefir Co-Culture as Starter in Feta-Type Cheese Production. Appl Environ Microbiol. 72: 6124-6135.
2. Kourkoutas, Y.; Bosnea, L.; Taboukos, S.; Baras, C.; Lambrou, D. ; Kanellaki, M. 2006. Probiotic cheese production using Lactobacillus casei cells immobilized on fruit pieces. J Dairy Sci, 89: 1431-1151.
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